What do we do?

Telcoinabox set up, supply and support telecoms companies.

Telcoinabox enables you to set up your own telecoms business or add telecoms to an existing business.  Through us, you have access to a full suite of wholesale Telecoms and IT products from a number of carriers to sell to your customers. You own the customer and manage the relationship with them. Telcoinabox handles the ‘back-office’ processes such as the technical support and billing, allowing you to run a lean business with little overheads and resource. The back-office processes are always handled under your business name, so your customers will never need to know that Telcoinabox even exists!

We give you the flexibility to enjoy a good work/life balance

Our online systems allow you to manage your business from wherever you please.  Whether that’s the office, your home office or the Bahamas!  This allows you to work hours that suit you and fit in around your family.

We have an established, tried & tested model

The Telcoinabox model has been operating for over 13 years, in 3 different countries.  We have over 350 Partners worldwide, many of these extremely successful, proving that our model will work if you put your mind to it.

Long-standing carrier relationships

We have many established relationships with premium carriers, ensuring you get a guaranteed, stable supply of many products. We monitor industry trends to make sure our Partners have access to new products and innovations.

We have experts in every area of our business

We pride ourselves on our staff and have expertise in all areas of our business, including account management, marketing, technical support, finance, billing and customer support.

One online system to manage your customers and business

Our world-class, internet based provisioning, billing, payment and collection system provides our Partners with an end-to-end solution for complete management of your business.

No previous telecoms experience needed

We provide you with a comprehensive training program before commencing business with us, with ongoing training, webinars and online eLearning available to top up your knowledge along the way.

Low touch, recurring revenue

Telecommunications contracts are typically 12, 24 or 36 months.  This means that once you’ve sold a service, you’ll receive the revenue every month for the duration of the contract.

Break free of employment and be your own boss

Be your own boss, build your own brand and own your own business.  No more long hours, once-off commissions or inflexible holidays.

Start a Telecoms Business

The ideal start-up (franchise) opportunity for motivated individuals, ideally with a proven track record in sales or with a database of potential customers. No previous telecoms experience required.

Add Telecoms to an Existing Business

Telcoinabox enables you to fast track your business to the next level. We help you create new recurring revenue streams and add value for your customers, or members, by expanding to offer telecoms services.

Telecoms Resellers & Dealers

Telcoinabox is the perfect opportunity for experienced telecoms resellers and dealers to take the next step in their careers. Why sell for someone else when you can build your own business, own your customers, generate reliable, recurring revenue, all under your own brand.

Why We Are Different

Our Values

We have a strong set of core values, culture and beliefs which defines how and why we do what we do, reflected in our Vision and Mission statements.

Our Team

The Telcoinabox Team is the backbone to our business.  We ensure we only recruit those that ‘get’ us – what we do and why we do it – and for that reason we love to see our People grow with the business.


Telcoinabox can supply a wide of business-grade telecoms products. Check our the full Telcoinabox Product Range below.

Telcoinabox Services & Support Teams

Account Management

Your dedicated Account Manager is your main point of contact within Telcoinabox.  There to assist you with the stategic, marketing and commercial planning to help you grow your business


The billing team manages retail invoicing queries (i.e. charges incurred by your customers) to ensure that your customers are billed right first time!

Partner Support Team

The Partner Support Team (PST) is there to help you use all of the systems that are at your disposal, ensure that orders and installations go smoothly and are also there to iron out any provisioning issues you may encounter along the way.


Our Finance team are set up to assist with the financial aspects of your business. This includes processing payments to you, helping you understand your financials and wholesale invoices, cashflow and collections.


Your Marketing team will assist by providing branded Product collateral, stationary, websites and email campaign templates to get you started or support your customer acquisition strategies

Tech Support

We provide a UK based, 24/7/365 technical help desk that provides complete back end support for your customers. Answering in your business name, the support assistant will troubleshoot any technical issues that may arise within the full range of products we supply.

What our Partners say...

  • “Telcoinabox provide a comprehensive solution for any telecoms reseller. They offer a wide product portfolio for our customers, bringing new services to market to keep our proposition up to date. The technical helpdesk answered in our company name is knowledgeable with a good customer facing ethos, reflecting Trio Telecom service principles. The Client support desk are a great asset for our sales team ensuring our customers’ needs are met, and any issues or problems are resolved. I would recommend Telcoinabox for any telecoms service provider looking for a reliable partner.”

    Duncan Beard – Trio Telecom
  • “My relationship with Telcoinabox has now grown from strength to strength, after two years I can honestly say it is the best move I have ever made and the only negative is I should have done it sooner. Telcoinabox take away all of my back office administration duties, billing, ordering, set up of VOIP systems and delivery of equipment, DD collection and much more thus freeing up time for selling and account management duties. The staff across the board are friendly, knowledgeable and keen to help, the product range is vast and price competitive.

    I would be more than happy to speak with any interested partners to erase any doubts that need to be clarified. One last thing, if you are a smaller company and need to take time off or you become ill, you can have total confidence that your company is being looked after in capable hands, in fact the way to look at it, is that you have behind you a team of dedicated people that act as if they are part of your company and are competent in making decisions on your behalf if needed. I have 3 companies now all being managed by Telcoinabox in one way or another, they will look after you and they will always have you best interests at heart.”

    Ray Grierson – Sky Cloud London
  • “The systems available through Telcoinabox enable me to manage and grow my business with ease.  It took me a little while to get used to them at first, however, with the training and support of Telcoinabox at the end of the phone I’ve mastered them and my business runs smoothly!”

    Telcoinabox Partner
  • Causeway Telecom has partnered with Telcoinabox for 6 years and the working relationship continues to go from strength to strength. In essence Telcoinabox provide all back office support ‘in a box’ – but in reality they do so much more than that! Product acquisition is as good as anywhere, subsequent training is relevant and customer focused. The ‘in house’ Technical Support team excels in a variety of scenarios, and always seem to understand that my customer is important to my business. Customer billing is straightforward, transparent and user friendly. Six years ago I took a chance on Telcoinabox, and they took chance on me – I’m glad I did!

    Jonny Caskey – Causeway Telecom
  • “Every company needs an efficient back office.  They’re the magic behind the scenes that makes us look good in front of our customers.  Telcoinabox provides us with the platforms and tools that enable us to do our job.  They allow us to compete with the big boys on a one-to-one basis.”

    Ben Ginsburg – Glow Telecom
  • “It is with pleasure to recommend this business, I have no regrets and I recommend to you the services of Telcoinabox as a great business venture.  

    The service support supplied to assist you in the early development launch is constructive and prompt, making the initial obvious personal concerns reduce swiftly.  The honesty and followed up delivery soon becomes a worry of the past. 

    I have found the team at Telcoinabox exceptional and keen to help me with my business growth.”

    Michael Curgenven – Chapel Street Telecom

Awards & Accreditations

Gamma Partner
Comms Award
BFA Logo
FCS Logo

Free Consultation

Telcoinabox provides a free, no-obligation consultation, over the phone, a webinar or in person, for anyone looking to explore the Telcoinabox model in more depth.


Please fill out the form and one of our friendly Business Development advisors will be in touch with you shortly.

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