Ryan O’Hare


Ryan O’Hare is a very well-known operator in the Australian Telecoms industry.

Ryan’s career began in retail distribution in 1990 before assuming control of the US operations of Eutility, a global energy and telecoms services and consultancy business. In 1993, he founded a telecommunications service provider in Australia called corpTEL.

corpTEL Communications became one of the largest privately owned B2B telecommunication service providers in Australia, recording revenues of over £100 million. Ryan was its major shareholder, Chief Executive and Chairman until its eventual sale to Australia’s 3rd largest carrier in 1998 for £25 million.

People Telecom Limited was co-founded by Ryan in 2000. Again a B2B telecoms services provider, however, in this instance built it’s own national data network and was a significant broadband network operator. Five years later, then an ASX listed company, revenues had grown to over £100 million per annum. Today it is part of the M2 Communications Group that generates revenues of over £750 million per annum with over 3,000 staff and a market capitalisation of £1 billion. Ryan remains one of the founding  shareholders.

In 2007, Ryan founded Next Telecom in Australia that it’s now the pre-eminent multi-award winning IP telecoms group for business customers along with Next Business Energy that is fast becoming the largest energy provider to businesses.

Ryan expanded into the United Kingdom through the acquisition of Telcoinabox Limited which provides all wholesale, support and management services to the newly launched Next Business Telecom UK.

Ryan is also on the board of multiple charities including the National Stroke Foundation.