Zac Crofts

Managing Director

Zac joined Telcoinabox in Australia in the early stages of concept. Over the last 10 years, while expanding the business internationally into New Zealand, and the United Kingdom since 2010, he has played a key role in designing and innovating the business model into the success it has become today.

Whilst completing a ‘Telcoinabox Doctorate’, he continues to oversee all areas of the business, from commercial dealings, operations and all the way through to the financial, always driving for outstanding results and inspiring both the Telcoinabox Team and Partners to achieve what may seem the unachievable. Zac is integral to the success of the business and is also a shareholder.

When Zac is not hard at work, you might find him exercising either on his bike, running a marathon or on a rugby pitch, and even occasionally enjoying a beverage at the local.