Online Provisioning, Billing, Payment & Collection

Telcoinabox has made a considerable investment developing a custom built system to enable our Partners to grow and operate their businesses efficiently. With over 250 Partners worldwide using the same systems, we have demonstrated that our systems are robust, scalable and built to work.

Our world-class, internet based billing and provisioning system provides our Partners with 1 portal for end-to-end, complete management of the customer and their business. Our system is completely integrated into the carriers we use, ensuring instant and up to date access to everything you need to view or manage your customer’s accounts. Utilibill can be accessed from practically anywhere, allowing you to work from home, the office, or while on the move, and yet still present as if you were a large reseller.

  • “The systems available through Telcoinabox enable me to manage and grow my business with ease.  It took me a little while to get used to them at first, however, with the training and support of Telcoinabox at the end of the phone I’ve mastered them and my business runs smoothly!”

    Telcoinabox Partner
  • “The product range is vast and can more than accommodate any of my customer’s requirements. Products are ordered via Utilibill or by their own ticketing system; which is user-friendly and easy to pick up.”

    Ray Grierson – Sky Cloud London
Cloud Based System

Accessible from anywhere.  Work from home, the office or even abroad!

Single Online Portal

Manage your customers for all products via one easy to use portal.

1 Bill for All Products

Add your own products or line items to the customer’s bill, they’ll still receive 1 bill for all products.

Easy Payments via Direct Debit

Set up direct debits and check if they’ve been paid

Manage Sales Agents

Set up and manage your sales agents with ease.

Run Detailed Management Reports

See your total revenue, total costs, total margin, aged receivables reports and sales agents commission reports.

Integrated Ticketing System

Log a ticket for help from any of the Telcoinabox support teams

Make notes on a Customer Account

Our System also acts as a CRM – make notes so you or other members of staff can pick up where you last left off with the customer.

Customer Portal

The Customer portal is designed for use by end customers of Service Providers on the Telcoinabox network. The Customer Portal is linked into Telcoinabox’s central billing and provisioning system. This connectivity allows for any changes made by an end user to be done in real-time on the network. The Customer Portal is fully customisable by the Partner to fit their business and brand. This includes having control of everything from logos, colour scheme, email templates and more.

The aim of the Customer Portal is to enable Customers to manage as much of their services, check their usage and even make online credit card payments towards their bill themselves.  This alleviates you and your team of these tasks, so you can spend your time on other, more effective activities.

Easy Management of Customer Details

Allow your customers to self-manage, view and update their own customer details (e.g. billing addresses, email address & passwords).

Self-Management of Services

Give your Customers the ability to request a change, edit or update their own services, in real time on the network.

Access to Historic and Current Usage

Give your customers visibility of previous as well as current, unbilled usage to enable them to manage their own services.

View Invoices & Make Payments

Customers have the ability to download invoices, set up direct debits and even make a Credit Card payment within their account.

Knowledgebase & eLearning


Our online Knowledgebase gives you access to extensive information when you need it most. The database contains over 4000 articles related to product specification, Partner operations and service manuals, ‘How to’ articles and FAQs.

Our eLearning suite is a comprehensive educational tool which delivers remote training once a Partner has completed the 4 day training course at our London office.

Online Training and Quizzes

The eLearning platform is available whenever you need it. Top up and test your knowledge at your leisure.

‘How to’ Guides and Articles

We’ve put together over 4000 articles and guides explaining how to carry out a whole range of processes.

Extensive Product Information

We have a database filled with everything and anything you could need to know on all of the Products we supply, for you and your customers.

Customer Service Plan

The Customer Service Plan is accessible via the Knowledgebase and contains everything you need to know when providing services to your customers.