“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

We’ve created and refined an internal training program for all our Partners to take them through the highlights and hurdles of the business. Straight talk and streamlined processes are presented in workshops, webinars and online tutorials.

Telcoinabox Partners receive a comprehensive training program before commencing their Telecoms business. This takes the form of a four-day course at the Telcoinabox head office in London.

  • “By the end of the training the Partner will be equipped with the tools, knowledge and information needed to successfully launch their telecoms business.”

    Jim Joyce – Training & Regulatory Manager

Webinars and Online Training

After our Partners have gone through the extensive 4 day training programme, we don’t cut them loose and let them fend for themselves. Until the Partner is comfortable and competent with the systems, we conduct ad-hoc 1-to-1 webinars where we walk them through the processes.

Our Online Knowledgebase also gives Partners access to accurate information when you need it.  The database contains over 4500 articles related to product specification, ‘How to’ articles, step-by-step guides, Partner operations and FAQs.

The 4-day programme covers:

  • Product Training
  • Systems & Process Training
  • Business Analysis Tools
  • Business Management
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