We have a full range of landline products, including PSTN (standard phone lines) and ISDN (digital phone lines) all provided on the UK’s biggest  and most trusted network, BT Openreach.

All landline services are supported by our 24/7, 365 technical support team, and managed by BT Openreach engineers giving your customer the peace of mind they need should anything go wrong.

Single Phone Lines (PSTN)

A single business phone line is the backbone to most businesses, whether it is carrying voice calls, broadband, fax or even an alarm line.  They are mainly used by the small or home based business, where a reliable connection is important.


Multi-lines offer businesses the opportunity to publish a single phone number on up to 200 lines, ensuring that no call goes unanswered.  They can be connected to individual telephones, or to a PBX system.


It’s not just big corporations that need high-quality, digital telephone services. SmallOfficeHomeOffice (SOHO) businesses can benefit from the advanced features that ISDN2e offers when connected to a PBX system, including DDI (Direct Dial In) and Caller Display.  ISDN2e’s are suitable for offices of 2-8 users.


ISDN30e provides medium to large organisations with business-grade Voice Connectivity over digital lines, with a host of features including DDI (Direct Dial In) and Caller Display when connected to a PBX system.  Suitable for businesses of all sizes, from 8 users.