Telcoinabox has a range of premium quality IP Telephony solutions including Hosted Voice & IP Advantage

Our IP Telephony products are designed specifically for SME businesses that are looking to upgrade from legacy PBX systems to a technically advanced, feature rich IP based telephony system.

Backed by a range of premium data products, our IP Telephony solutions can scale up from 5 employees up to over 300 employees across multiple sites throughout the UK.

No cost for maintenance agreements and no waiting around for technicians.  All hardware is supplied pre-configured, directly dispatched to the customer, making installations low touch and stress-free.

Hosted voice is a monthly licensed service which replaces a traditional PBX. That means low upfront cost, allowing your customers to keep capital expenditure for other business needs. What’s more, licenses can be increased or decreased as and when they’re needed for simple scalability

Unlike traditional PBXs, maintenance and changes can be easily managed online and completed within seconds, not hours. No costs for maintenance agreements and no waiting for technicians.

Hosted voice is provided over a managed, Assured Broadband connection.  The service is uncontended and, as such, ensures that you will always receive a high-quality voice connection. The broadband connection is supplied with a free router, provisioned and managed by Gamma.


IP Advantage is another flexible solution that allows the user to work from anywhere. The easy-to-use online portal allows access for your customers to add and remove licences as and when you need them and configure individual handsets.  With no maintenance fees to pay, IP Advantage is very cost effective compared to other, outdated solutions like traditional PBXs.

We provide an end-to-end service, meaning we can supply and support the data product, the router, the hosted PBX or SIP trunk, and the IP Phones, all white-labelled.  By providing an end to end service, we optimise call quality, service reliability, and ensure that in the very unlikely event that there is a fault, we are able to quickly and easily diagnose and repair it.

We supply preconfigured hardware, that really is ‘plug and play’. This means that it is incredibly quick and easy to add new users, without the need to order engineer visits.  In addition, because the solution are deployed and managed remotely on the cloud, your phones will automatically be upgraded to take advantage of any advancements of this ever evolving solution.