Don’t just take our word for it,

“I have been delighted with my choice to partner with Telcoinabox. They have given me invaluable technical and commercial guidance and training to help build my business. I really like that they take care of all the back-end issues allowing me to focus on finding and keeping customers. In addition to all of the above, they’re all really nice people to deal with which is refreshing!”

Paul Hill -Westcoast Communications

“It is with pleasure to recommend this business, I have no regrets and I recommend to you the services of Telcoinabox as a great business venture.  

The service support supplied to assist you in the early development launch is constructive and prompt, making the initial obvious personal concerns reduce swiftly.  The honesty and followed up delivery soon becomes a worry of the past. 

I have found the team at Telcoinabox exceptional and keen to help me with my business growth.”

Michael Curgenven – Better Connected

“My relationship with Telcoinabox has now grown from strength to strength, after two years I can honestly say it is the best move I have ever made and the only negative is I should have done it sooner. Telcoinabox take away all of my back office administration duties, billing, ordering, set up of VOIP systems and delivery of equipment, DD collection and much more thus freeing up time for selling and account management duties. The staff across the board are friendly, knowledgeable and keen to help, the product range is vast and price competitive.

I would be more than happy to speak with any interested partners to erase any doubts that need to be clarified. One last thing, if you are a smaller company and need to take time off or you become ill, you can have total confidence that your company is being looked after in capable hands, in fact the way to look at it, is that you have behind you a team of dedicated people that act as if they are part of your company and are competent in making decisions on your behalf if needed. I have 3 companies now all being managed by Telcoinabox in one way or another, they will look after you and they will always have you best interests at heart.”

Ray Grierson – Sky Cloud London

“From the start, Monex Telecom have received the utmost professional and friendliest support from all the staff at Telcoinabox. It is also worth mentioning that they are a team with widespread knowledge in telecom products; Monex Telecom are fully appreciative of the continuous support, efforts and dedication shown by Telcoinabox for helping us achieve our goals and we are positive that our partnership will continue to prosper.”

Noel Suganthan – Monex Telecom

“Telcoinabox provide a comprehensive solution for any telecoms reseller. They offer a wide product portfolio for our customers, bringing new services to market to keep our proposition up to date. The technical helpdesk answered in our company name is knowledgeable with a good customer facing ethos, reflecting Trio Telecom service principles. The Client support desk are a great asset for our sales team ensuring our customers’ needs are met, and any issues or problems are resolved. I would recommend Telcoinabox for any telecoms service provider looking for a reliable partner.”

Duncan Beard – Trio Telecom

“I was about to agree with another supplier out there, who was going to pay me on the basis of ‘move the client over and they pay me for that sale’ and I’d  have no control over the client.  I work very hard and I work very hard with people, and I just felt I wanted control and wanted my own client base.”

Kumar Hamid – Ayrtel

“Every company needs an efficient back office.  They’re the magic behind the scenes that makes us look good in front of our customers.  Telcoinabox provides us with the platforms and tools that enable us to do our job.  They allow us to compete with the big boys on a one-to-one basis.”

Ben Ginsburg – Glow Telecom

“The systems available through Telcoinabox enable me to manage and grow my business with ease.  It took me a little while to get used to them at first, however, with the training and support of Telcoinabox at the end of the phone I’ve mastered them and my business runs smoothly!”

Telcoinabox Partner

Causeway Telecom has partnered with Telcoinabox for 6 years and the working relationship continues to go from strength to strength. In essence Telcoinabox provide all back office support ‘in a box’ – but in reality they do so much more than that! Product acquisition is as good as anywhere, subsequent training is relevant and customer focused. The ‘in house’ Technical Support team excels in a variety of scenarios, and always seem to understand that my customer is important to my business. Customer billing is straightforward, transparent and user friendly. Six years ago I took a chance on Telcoinabox, and they took chance on me – I’m glad I did!

Jonny Caskey – Causeway Telecom

“I love working with my colleagues, They are a fun bunch. It’s also exciting being part of a fast growing business which means our jobs are not 100% silo’ed into exact functions, there is room to learn and share”

Quote from a Telcoinabox employee from our annual staff survey

“I don’t feel that anyone is just a number, everyone is treated the same, and all opinions are listened to and acted on where possible”

Quote from a Telcoinabox employee from our annual staff survey